SWOT Analysis for small business

In this article we discuss the benefits of SWOT Analysis and attempt to understand the model using a case study example. According to (Bensoussan & Fleisher 2008, p. 200) SWOT stands for a fit between a company’s internal resources and capabilities (that is, its strengths and weaknesses) and external possibilities (that is, opportunities and threats). In addition S.W.O.T analysis can be described as a research method of approach to understanding more about your business situation. Perhaps the easiest way to conduct a S.W.O.T is throughout a table format under categories Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats.

Man writing SWOT strategy analysis


This technique is most easiest to compile because of the internal knowledge that most organisations already have insight to. It can be used to analyse a variety of issues, including individuals, teams, projects, products, services and other areas.


Likewise, this technique covers internal factors but more so with the disadvantages experienced by organisations. Subsequently, for larger organisations weaknesses can mask a great deal of complexity.


In comparison to strengths and weaknesses, this technique is more concerned with environmental considerations than internal factors. Some opportunities may include new trends in your industry, changes to the economy or policy changes, may even be new technological advancements.


In the same way you consider external opportunities, you must give careful consideration to possible threats within your industry. Threats may include, new or old competitors, economy or policy changes affecting your industry and more.

SWOT Case study

The central theme of this case study is of an Indigenous, local football club. After examining the current environment faced by Indigenous clubs alike, I have put together a SWOT table below. While in this case the table appears to have a realistic outlook, nether-less it is purely a fabricated example for your learning expectations. If you would like to discover some other example SWOT tables related to well know brands such as Nike, Facebook, Google and Amazon then click here.

SWOT Table

SWOT case study conclusion

In conclusion, a carefully constructed SWOT Analysis should enable you to step back and view your business situation more succinctly. Therefore the information you find for each category will enable you enough clout to rethink your direction and implement new strategies.

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