August 13, 2017

Social Media

Indigenous people socialising

Social media is growing increasingly popular in Australia, moreover it has become a valuable communication tool for Indigenous people. Digital platforms empower Indigenous people to share stories, therefore enabling them to continue carrying out their unique, historical kinship systems online.

Social Media brings business opportunities for Indigenous people

Social media improvements

Opportunities don’t come any sweeter than social media, consequently TV advertisement and other forms of traditional media are slowly dying. In addition, social media has revealed a perfect opportunity for Indigenous business entrepreneurs to shine online. Indigenous business owners continue using social media to promote their business identities online in contrast to promoting their cultural identities.

The changing Social Media landscape

In brief, social Media platforms are constantly evolving and providing newer ways to engage our audience online. Due to this fast-evolving social media landscape, many small business’s are looking to experts with industry knowledge.

Our social media packages

Rarely within the Indigenous business sector in Australia you will find an Indigenous marketing agency offering social media services. Therefore Claystone Marketing are offering, two friendly Facebook packages, highly specific to Indigenous small businesses and Indigenous program co-ordinators in Australia. They are our Facebook Advertising Package and our Facebook Basic package.

Social Media - Facebook Advanced Advertising Package      Social Media - Facebook Basic Package

 Does this sound like you?

5 mistakes that you could be making on Facebook

  1. You could be reaching an audience too broad;
  2. placing irrelevant ads to an irrelevant audience;
  3. choosing the wrong content, key words and post titles;
  4. paying your ad bids too high and receiving little results; and
  5. not regularly engaging with your online community #ghostpage.

Why boosting your posts is a waste of your money?

Successful Facebook Advertising does not contribute in any way to the amount of money you spend on ads, but is more so related to the tools and creative ways you set about placing an ad. The problem facing most small businesses is not knowing how to unleash the full potential of Facebook for business.

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The secret of successful Facebook Advertising

Facebook Ads Manager is the ultimate ad creating tool for small business due to its detailed targeting features. Ads Manager is a Facebook tool that is FREE, in addition you can design super effective ads on Facebook. You can:

  • Create and run your ads;
  • target your ads to people you care about;
  • set your own budget; and
  • see how your ads are performing, access your billing summary, payment history and payment method information.