Results from our NAIDOC 2020 Dr Charles Perkins Quiz

Questions 1: What year was Charlie Perkins born in?

a. 1934

b. 1935

c. 1936

d. 1937

Questions 2: What city was Charlie born in?

a. Alice Springs

b. Darwin

c. Adelaide

d. Perth

Questions 3: As the first Indigenous Australian man to graduate university, in what year did Charlie graduate?

a. 1966

b. 1976

c. 1981

d. 1983

Questions 4: What university qualification did Charlie succeed whilst attending university?

a. Bachelor of Teaching

b. Bachelor of Business

c. Bachelor of Law

d. Bachelor of Arts

Questions 5: When did Charlie & the Freedom Riders start their journey around NSW?

a. 1965

b. 1957

c. 1967

d. 1969

a. 1993

b. 1991

c. 1989

d. 1981

Questions 6: In what year, was Charlie appointed Permanent Secretary of the Department of Aboriginal Affairs, the first Aboriginal to become a permanent head of a federal government department?

a. 1993

b. 1991

c. 1989

d. 1981

Questions 7: In what year, was Charlie awarded NAIDOC Aboriginal Person of the Year?

a. 1993

b. 1991

c. 1989

d. 1981

Questions 8: Between 1952 – 1957 Charles worked in Adelaide as?

a. Bricklayer

b. Fitter & Turner

c. Health Worker

d. Administrator

Questions 9: As a very skilled footballer In 1957 Charlie was invited to trial with?

a. Collingwood

b. South Sydney

c. Brisbane Broncos

d. Liverpool

Questions 10: Charlie 1975 Autobiography was called?

a. Blackfella Leadership

b. Aboriginal Community Control

c. Charles Perkins Biography

d. A Bastard Like Me

Thank you for participating in our annual NAIDOC Week quiz. We hope you have learnt something about this inspirational activist Dr Charles Perkins.

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