Claystone Marketing 10 key services

1. Communication strategies.

Develop marketing and communication strategies to achieve your organisations corporate vision, policy or program’s objectives.

2. Communications and media audits.

Ourcommunications audit is a systematic research method, which will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current internal and external communications.

3. Media and public relations campaigns.

Develop and implement media and social media campaigns to achieve your organisations corporate vision, policy or program objectives.

4. Website design. 

Design new or upgrade your organisations website or blog pages. 

5. Organisation branding and graphics. 

Our digital design services includes; logos, business cards, corporate documents, signage, flyers, Website graphics and more.

6. Social media policy for organisations.

Assist your organisation developing a document that will establish a process by which your official social media interactions can be managed with the best interests of your brand and reputation in mind. Plus we can also develop organisation social media policies for staff. 

7. Social media training courses.

Our social media course covers the basics from best practices on Facebook Instagram and Twitter and LinkedIn; understanding the elements of a robust social media strategy, building an audience, engaging with the audience, sharing content, paid advertising, risks and strategy.

8. Social media management

If your staff are too busy our do not have the skills to manage your social media we can for a small fee manage your social media 24/7 and build up your engagement and followers. 

9. Video production 

We can deliver up to date, contemporary video production services to suit a range of needs. 

10. Media / Social media crisis plans

While you can’t control everything that happens on social media, you can control your response. The best way to handle a crisis is to have your response plan in place.