Colin has over many years has developed vast Indigenous communications, media and project management experience consulting to government and private enterprise both nationally & internationally producing multi-award winning campaigns and strategies.

Specifically his expertise is in the areas of Indigenous communications, stakeholder engagement ,integrated social media, project management, marketing, public relations, media, health promotion, Internet development/management and media training.

In the past 15 years he has worked  and consulted primarily as an Indigenous media and communications advisor to the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO) for 8 years , Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet-Indigenous Communications, the Australian Indigenous Leadership Centre and the Attorney- General’s Department.

Highlights of Colin Cowell’s NACCHO contributions 2012-2020

For more details CLICK HERE NACCHO Aboriginal Health News Alert : After 8 and half years editing this communique and managing NACCHO social media , @ColinCowell is retiring

1. New NACCHO website: In 2012 and 2014 designed and edited a new corporate website that was full of Aboriginal health content, history and about NACCHO’s role as the national authority to reform, promote and research.

2. New Daily Aboriginal Health News Alert site: Since established in 2012 I have I published 3,053 communiques shared daily with 5,822  readers / subscribers and in addition had over 1,159,000 views

Example : Since January 2020 we have published over 90 COVID-19 Aboriginal Health Alerts 

3. Integration: All content at the time was integrated with the NACCHO website by subject and had the ability to be shared in all social media platforms.

4. Established new NACCHO Branding: Designed a new corporate branding for all communications

5. Established new NACCHO Twitter account: Developed one of the most influential Indigenous health accounts with 96,500 tweets to 35,900 followers.

Record breaking tweet: Our Aboriginal communities should take health advice from the fast food industry’ campaign eventually  went global, reaching more than  20 million Twitter followers worldwide.

6. Established new NACCHO Facebook account: Developed 20,000 followers with record breaking 185,000 engagements per month .

7. Established NACCHO Instagram Account: Now with over 3,000 followers

8. Established NACCHO newspaper: In conjunction with the Koori Mail introduced and published 2013-15 Australia’s first printed Aboriginal Health newspaper that was available also online as a download.

Read Download Here 

9. NACCHO TV: Created in YouTube to share NACCHO videos.

10. NACCHO APP 2013-15: Designed Aboriginal health app with geo location system and access online to support networks for issues such as depression, suicide, alcohol, smoking, healthy lifestyles etc

11. NACCHO Ochre Day: Working with Mark Saunders founded the concept of Ochre Day and wrote the strategy to promote Aboriginal Men’s Health

Awards for clients 

As an acknowledgement to Colin’s tourism consulting and strategic marketing his Indigenous clients have gone on to win 






With this success Colin was invited to work closely with Qantas, Tourism Australia and all state tourism authorities to travel the world with an Aboriginal dance group Red Centre Dreaming 1997-2010 promoting and representing Australia at all major wholesale tourism and travel shows in Europe, North America and Russia. In 2002 he spent 8 months in Europe managing over 200 performances and 150 media events.