Why Facebook users want more video?

facebook videos

There is no hiding from the fact that video advertising is the most popular online media for engagement. The fact is that online users interact and engage 3 X more with video material. In summary, posts that receive high amounts of engagement will be rewarded by Facebook algorithms. This means Facebook will place your ad to a higher volume of audience, due to the fact that your post is highly relevant and entertaining. On the contrary engagement can be in the form of likes, comments or shares.

What is Facebook algorithm?

Facebook algorithm

Facebook algorithm is an advanced software tool that tracks all activity performed by you on your account. Based on your activity, the algorithm will filter you down into a category of users interested in certain topics, ads and posts. 

How does the algorithm work?

Facebook targeting

The algorithms purpose is to connect you with topics related to your interests and place them onto your newsfeed. For example you have logged into your Facebook account and have scrolled passed twenty different ads on your newsfeed but only clicked on one. Perhaps this ad got your attention, because it was moving on the page as you was scrolling on your newsfeed. Maybe it was the post title key words that you quickly processed as highly relevant to your interests. No matter what the circumstance, you decided to take an action, subsequently by doing this you give information to Facebook to learn more about you.

Why is content important?

Bored upset and annoyed woman

When sending out a post, I highly recommend attaching an image or video to go along. With any ad you produce, consider your target audience and create titles, post keywords and visuals relevant to their interests. Hence, you don’t want to reach a customer who is not interested in your product or service, that would be a waste of resources. Therefore you want Facebook to place your ad in front of customers who are most likely to engage. Check out my companies Facebook page and see how we put together our posts regurlarly @claystonemarketing.

Key takeaways summarised

  • Facebook rewards your promotional effort when it is highly relevant to an audience.
  • Videos receive 3 X more engagement than any other post on social media.
  • Key words related to your target audience will grab attention.
  • The more people engage and react with your post, the more chances of Facebook sharing your post on other feeds.

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4 Responses

  1. I see alot of relevant content in this blog Mervyn.
    Much of the content we view nowadays needs to jump out at us, whether that be through autoplay videos on the consumers newsfeed or bright, vibrant and energetic text and colour.
    What resonates with a consumer, as you said, differs depending on your chosen demographic and it will be interesting to hear how you target those individuals/ groups.
    Enjoying the blogs so far, much more to come?

    1. Well Caleb the fact is that we are past the industrial revolution, an era where products were manufactured in factories and these factories would make all new products and that marketers would sell us these products, products that we as consumers didn’t want nor need. During this era, tv advertising was the main tool used by marketers to spam us these products and services until we eventually bought in. Nowadays with the growth of digital media, more predominately the last 20 years, marketers have had to rethink their strategies, TV advertising is slowly dying and consumers are spending more of their time on mobile then any other entertainment platform. What digital technology has done, has Desensitized consumers
      to spam and sleazy selling techniques such as the crap you see on the morning show. The fact is that in todays world their is way more product and services out their in the markets and consumers have way more less time to spend being spammed or conned. The digital revolution is a time for marketing and smart businesses to develop deeper connections with customers and invest in relationship marketing techniques and tools. Standing out in a market to me seems better than playing it safe and doing what everyone else is doing in a particular market. This doesn’t mean being outrageously different but I think with creativity and customers in mind, businesses and marketers can invent new products or services that is appealing enough to grab attention. The next 20 years is going to be a very interesting time for the world, I believe the digital revolution and big tech companies are very much so going to influence and shape our societies, especially we as consumers.

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