The Complete Social Media Marketing Course 2020

What will you gain from this course?

Brought to you by Claystone Marketing. The Complete Social Media Marketing Course 2020 is for those:

  • ready to go into business
  • already in business.

 Course objective:

To provide an overview of social media marketing strategies and tools and to highlight online marketing opportunities for Indigenous businesses.

You will gain the following:

  • A solid understanding of how you can facilitate your marketing strategy online as an Indigenous business
  • A good understanding of social media marketing and the channels available to your business
  • A good understanding of email marketing using Mailchimp
  • A good understanding of Google Analytics – what it does and how to apply it.

Additional resources to get you started.

Course Instructor

Merv1989 Merv1989 Author

Hi, my name is Mervyn Fernando and I am the Founding Director of both Claystone Marketing and Indigenous Medical Supplies. As a proud Indigenous man, my career began with years of study across a broad range of qualifications. In 2017, I completed my Bachelor of Business with Latrobe University and have since studied a master’s in marketing. Claystone Marketing is an Indigenous marketing agency that creates social and economic value through our continuous support in empowering and growing the Indigenous business sector.

Course available

365 days of access

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