Results from our NAIDOC 2020 Dr Charles Perkins Quiz

Questions 1: What year was Charlie Perkins born in? a. 1934 b. 1935 c. 1936 d. 1937 Questions 2: What city was Charlie born in? a. Alice Springs b. Darwin c. Adelaide d. Perth Questions 3: As the first Indigenous Australian man to graduate university, in what year did Charlie graduate? a. 1966 b. 1976 […]

20th Anniversary Dr Charles Perkins Memorial Oration 2020

University of Sydney, 12 November 2020 Pat Turner  CHARLIE’S LESSONS AND LEGACY  Werte – Hello, my name is Pat Turner.  I am honoured to deliver this year’s Charles Perkins Oration.  To stand where Charlie stood, at the University of Sydney, where he was the first Aboriginal man to graduate from a university in Australia.  I acknowledge […]

How can you support the growth of Indigenous business? #IndigBizMonth

*|MC:SUBJECT|* *|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|* View this email in your browser 1. Welcome to Indigenous Business Month 2020. 2. Indigenous business growth in Australia. 3. We are Supply nation certified. 4. Historic Indigenous and Economic keynote speech Charlie Perkins. 5. Historical report from 1993 Indigenous business conference 6. Who is Claystone Marketing? 7. Claystone Marketing launches new range […]

“Creating an economic template for our healthy futures.”

 Dr Charles Perkins “ Importantly Aboriginal people should be aware of this false economy which forms the basis of Aboriginal affairs in this country. The economic lifeline is maintained only at the discretion of politicians and a fickle public. We must therefore develop and consolidate a viable economy for our various communities and organisations that will […]