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Business ideas moment

Does this sound like you? business ideas are running ramped in your head, you feel a little different to others. You know you have something within you that sets you apart from the norm, your a visionary, a creator, a man or a woman on the outside looking in. I feel this way everyday of my life, I have chosen to be more than what people tell me I am worth. I have many good business ideas, but only one of my best business ideas to date I have decided to take action on.

Truth is I grew up, I matured into a man, no longer did I want to be a boy searching for the many dreams that escaped my reality. I decided to pick one of my small business ideas and make it real. How did I make my selection? I decided to choose the business idea that would be easiest to attain in terms of reality.

Business ideas need action

Procrastination happens often almost every hour of the day, you need it to feel alive, at times you use it to remove yourself from the clutches of your reality. When your imagination sets in, your dreams subside with you in the room, you begin playing your very own personalised movie scene over and over in your head. All the money images, all the success, all the everything, cars, houses, boats whatever else you envision as success. I’ve learned how to down tune my day dream episodes and fine tune myself being in the moment and taking actionable steps towards my new business ideas.

I have many business ideas, which one do I select?

Having all of those start up business ideas in your head can be draining, especially the top secret ones. All that weight you are carrying around, let me guide you towards an action, where you at least see a little bit of progress. After all what have you got to lose when you are just starting out.

You want to run a business but haven’t found your ideas yet?

Its ok if you are low on ideas, not everyone of us are crazy dreamers. Remember, having limited ideas does not mean you lack the drive and determination to succeed. In fact these are actually good qualities to have for an entrepreneur starting out. This useful article provides you with 55 business startup career ideas for entrepreneurs.

Getting your business ideas started using a simple framework

I have designed specifically for you a simple model I call (BISM) Business Ideas Selection Model. The process is simple you list all of your entrepreneur ideas, then match with relevancy to your working experiences. Relevancy scores are tallied up using two specific categories, Resume & Size (of business that is).

The end results will sum up a total score for each of your business ideas. Through this process you are providing for yourself an analysis of exactly where you fit with your current skills and knowledge set. You are then leaving room for yourself to discover areas that you may need to improve on for which ever business ideas you choose to pursue.

Step 1 – List your business ideas

Jolt down all of your business ideas onto the table beneath the list category.

Business Ideas Model for entrepreneurs

Step 2 – Choose the size of your business

Based on your own expectation for the size of the business in the future, choose one of the values from expected business size category.

*Note: Values by default are as follows;

  • Small = 50 points
  • Medium = 20 points
  • Large = 10 points
  • Corporate = 5 points

Step 3 – Match personalised resume

Based on your own analysis fill out the relativity index table. Match only with your business ideas if they are relevant to the type of work experience you have.

  • Each category matched gives you 10 points
  • For each multiple years of experience you add an additional 10 points

*Note: We have selected a list of job categories for you to match up with, see below the table;

Business ideas index

Industry Categories


Administration & office support

Advertising, arts and media

Banking & financial services

Call centre and customer service

CEO and general management


Step 4 – Summarise total score

Business Ideas Model Example

Take the Business Ideas Selection Model test today – Download your FREE templates

Working from home business

Score Table – BISM pdf

Job categories – BISM pdf

Relativity index table – BISM pdf

Does your business ideas need action

(Heres some resources to get you going)

How to write a business plan

Business plan template & guide

Marketing plan template & guide

Social media template & guide

Register for an Australian Business number (ABN)

See how I put action into my business ideas

(Read the full story below)

A few years ago I decided to put action towards one of my small business ideas from home, I had small business ideas, one of which was launching my own Indigenous marketing agency in Australia. The opportunity came when a relative opened up a small local antique shop, “this was one of his own business ideas I guess”. I showed some initiative by asking him, if he would like me to do some Free, Facebook Marketing for his business page, he graciously accepted.

Back then I self-trained myself with the basic fundamentals of graphic design, using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, which helped me to be creative. Community members were interested and engaged with quirky posts, antique products, behind the scenes snapshots/videos.

Second Hand Dealers Video Advertisement 2015 – Produced by Claystone Marketing

Early success

The video ad was a successful piece of visual content at the time and grew huge local and online attraction for the business. I learnt quickly that video content receives higher engagement, clicks, likes and comments than any other form of content on Facebook. I was able to shoot the video using nothing but my iPhone and edited the video using the IMovie App. Supplying my own written content, I hired an audio freelancer specialist on a cool app called Fiverr and received an audio voice of a female professional for approximately $60. The audio was then synced with the IMovie edited video and magic was produced. Fast forward two years, I am running my own small business Indigenous marketing agency for Indigenous people in business. 

Steps to get your business ideas going

The best advice for those holding onto business ideas

Take it, your dream that is, have a go, let yourself fall and fail, then fix it, evolve yourself because you want to not because you have to. Learn from your failures, drown out the negative noises, head down, keep pushing forward, everyday is a new day to learn so take advantage, your business ideas are awaiting you.

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  1. I have known mervyn for almost 15 years now and watched him transition from blue collar working environments to the challenging world of academia.
    Finding his passion in marketing, and watching him excell in his chosen field.
    In the time we have been friends and colleagues he has not approached an objective, or rather an interest with more vigor, proffessionalism or raw enthusiasm than he has his marketing directive.
    I hold high expectation for Claystone, as well as anticipating my expectation to be exceeded as im certain it will.

    1. Thanks Caleb it has been a long journey, but an even longer journey is yet to be taken. Thank you for your advice and guidance over the years, Claystone will be a symbol of success and independence for myself and our people. Just like when we were very young, we both experienced a bit independence, once we had that taste we wanted more out of life. Glad to still have you as a friend and good to have you backing me again brother. Thanks.

  2. Yes, you are totally right. We should not be afraid to fall and stand up again. I failed two businesses when I enter business world but I never give up. Learning from failures will make you stronger enough to face the challenge again. Be motivated and workhard!

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